About Us

OH VACATION is among the reputable pioneers in bringing the concept of “Holiday Ownership” – a very modern, unique and worldwide popular resort service – to Vietnam. We provide holiday ownership at two of the most favorite destinations, loved by both local and international visitors: Naman Retreat and Cocobay – the leading entertainment complex with strategic location connecting Danang and Hoian.

OH VACATION is invested by Empire Group – a multidisciplinary group with over 25 years of experience. With its strength in real estate and entertainment, Empire Group has been recognized for its high quality by a series of prestigious national and international awards, voted by both professionals and customers. Especially in the field of real estate & luxurious resort operation, Empire Group has earned resounding success with Naman Retreat – a 5-star resort that stands among world-class holiday destinations.


To become the leading entertainment, tourism and real estate group in Vietnam and a world-class corporation.

To the market:

  • To put Vietnam on the world map as the leading tourism and entertainment destination.
    International tourists wish to come to Vietnam and yearn to come back for the very unique entertainment experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Each international visitor lengthens their stay in Vietnam by at least one night.
    To lead a revolution of culture and tourism for Vietnamese, helping to increase their happiness index through tourism and entertainment.
  •  All Vietnamese people can afford high quality tourism at a reasonable budget.
  • Creating a new mindset and building tourism culture for the people of Vietnam (each year travelling for at least one continuous week).
  •  Pioneering in creating and leading tourism and entertainment trends for Vietnamese people.

To the shareholders:
To promote the spirit of mutual development, to maximize added values, and to always bring attractive and sustainable investment return to all shareholders.

To society:
To always contribute positively to improving living standard, to participate in community-oriented activities, and to demonstrate a sense of corporate responsibility towards the country.


Invested and operated by the prestigious Empire Group, OH VACATION has pioneered and led the holiday ownership market with two exemplary properties – Naman Retreat and Cocobay, which are highly valued by investors and visitors for its strategic locations, professional construction, on-time delivery, and parallel service development.

If Naman Retreat enchants customers with its luxurious modern charm and peaceful oasis, Cocobay is winning customers’ hearts with its stunning view apartments, huge shopping mall, crystal bridge designed by the famous Atkins, infinity pool and magnificent observatory deck. This super shopping-entertainment-resort complex is operated by a worldwide famous resort management team.

With superior advantages and guaranteed income thanks to a network of 4300 resorts in 108 countries, Holiday Ownership model at OH VACATION offers you tremendous values while making your dream come true:

  • Holiday ownership at Naman Retreat or Cocobay
  • Flexibility in usage with options to divide, advance and reserve holiday time
  • Fixed and affordable prepaid rates with flexible payment method to enjoy annual holiday with family
  • Ownership at your pleasure, which can be transferred, used as gifts, leased, or kept as your valuable legacy
  • Annual holiday at a wide network of 5-star resorts and hotels with world-class services

As a successful model in more than 110 countries around the world, Holiday Ownership is a smart way to holiday for families with medium and upper income, who crave to enjoy life and celebrate the relationship that matters. Holiday Ownership with OH VACATION would bring guaranteed investment and energy refreshment for you and your family.


Join OH VACATION and enjoy our holiday at Carinae, Naman Retreat or exchange for a holiday at luxurious resorts all over the world with exclusive services, wonderful experiences and more!